Autel Robotics EVO Nest

Autel Robotics EVO Nest

EVO Nest - Simplify Remote Operations

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Reliable, durable, and transportable, EVO Nest is a base for automatic take off, landing, charging, and mission planning for the EVO series. The Nest is designed for all-weather operation and uses a single-piece protective drum with fewer moving parts to simplify maintenance. The Nest fits in the bed of a standard pickup truck and is light enough for 2 people to carry. Paired with the Autel SkyCommand Center for centralized drone management, the Nest is easy to set up, maintain, and operate.

Autel Robotics EVO Nest Specification

Complete Remote Operations System

The EVO Nest is a complete remote operations system for aircrafts with all-day weather monitoring and rapid deployment. The Autel Remote Operations System consists of the EVO Nest, UAV, and the SkyCommand Center to provide a end-to-end solution for remote task management.

Multi-Nest Systems

Multiple Nests can be networked to cover large areas and allow flexible, expandable operations.


The EVO Nest supports AES 256 image transmission encryption and ISO27001 protocol output video stream.

Autonomous Operation

The EVO Nest can be easily deployed in the patrol area for automatic take-off, accurate landing, storage, and automatic charging.

Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous,Or Remote Piloting

Autel's Remote Operations System gives the pilot great flexibility and control whether the mission is preplanned before the flight, layered on top of an ongoing mission, or if the pilot wants to remotely control the aircraft live.

Transportable & Easy Setup

The Nest weighs 143 lbs, has a footprint of less than 1 yd², and can be set up by a team of 2.

All Weather Performance

The Nest's integrated weather systems provide localized weather data for safe remote drone operations. An industrial temperature control unit allows the Nest to work in temperatures between -22℉ and 131℉.

Fast Charge Capable

The EVO Nest can safely charge an EVO drone from 10% to 90% within 30 minutes.

Information Management

The EVO Nest uploads flight and mission data into the SkyCommand cloud for easy access, storage, and management.

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